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NYPD Red 4 by James Patterson and Marshall Karp

NYPD Red 4 is the fourth book in the NYPD Red series and while it can be read as a stand alone book, it is best enjoyed as part of the rest of the series.  If you choose to keep reading this review there are ***SPOILERS*** about what happens in the earlier books.

A famous actress is the perfect model for a multi million dollar necklace, and when she dies during it's heist the case falls under the jurisdiction of NYPD Red and star detectives Zach Jordan and Kylie MacDonald.  They are the star detectives of Red for very good reason, they are smart, determined and have a knack for catching the bad guys and girls.  Sometimes it feels like they are the personal police force for the rich and famous, and when a second case lands in their laps it becomes very clear that their personal lives are going to be practically nonexistent - which is bad timing when Zach and Cheryl are trying cohabiting for the first time, and Kylie's husband Spence has gone on a drug bender.

The search for the missing necklace has the detectives chasing petty criminals who appear to have bitten off more than they can chew, but there is more to the story than meets the eye.  Their other case is just as perplexing, how are people stealing millions of dollars of medical equipment from some of the best hospitals in the city without being caught.  There is political pressure from all sides as Jordan and MacDonald race against the clock to crack the heist, make the NYPD look good, and stop the criminals who seem intent on stripping the hospitals of some serious equipment.  The cases would be hard enough to crack at the best of times, but with Spence out of rehab, high on drugs, and seemingly determined to taunt his wife by staying out of reach it is far from the best of times.  

The NYPD Red series continues to be a strong series, one that blends in elements of the thriller and adventure genres alongside the more traditional elements of the detective novel and "whodunnits".  There were three distinct strands to this novel which provided substance and dose of "reality" to the storyline - in real life people deal with multiple problems at once, life is seldom linear after all.  I have to confess that I am developing something of dislike for Detective MacDonald, mostly because she is all about the me, me, me and she reminds me a little too much of some of the people I have worked with over the years - which translates to having a lot of sympathy for her partner Detective Jordan!

This series has a lot of potential for future storylines and some interesting characters have been introduced that keep the cast of characters realistically broad and interesting.  Sometimes series like this can focus just on the core cast (Jordan, MacDonald, and Cates) but Patterson and Karp have been slowly introducing a wider cast of characters that makes it interesting and makes the series more believable.  A fun read, and a great way to spend an afternoon.

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