Thursday, July 11, 2013

T-Rex trying by Hugh Murphy

The longer title of this book is T-Rex trying: The unfortunate trials of the tyrant lizard king and it was laugh out loud funny from the moment I opened the first page.  What started as a simple cartoon drawing for his wife, has turned into a hilarious Tumblr blog and now a book!  My co-workers and I have an in joke thanks to a dinosaur cartoon where a bunch of dinosaurs are singing "if you're happy and you know it", and the T-Rex in the front accuses them of being, well not very nice - T-Rex kind of reminds me of that in joke. 
There are so many visual jokes in this book that make you want to roll around on the floor laughing that it is difficult to choose a favourite - particularly because everyone had their own favourite.  There are jokes for all occasions from team building (a T-Rex trust fall or wheelbarrow race anyone) through to a T-Rex trying to hitchhike or ride a horse.  It takes a certain person to create a simple visual gag that people can instantly relate to, a twisted mind, a genius mind, or something trapped between the two (you choose but you may be revealing more about yourself than you intended!).
I loved this book and it reminds me a lot of Simon's cat and Texts from dog in the fact that they were all famous online before they made their way to the pages of a book, but also because there is something simple and charming about line drawings (and the humour that is about the content rather than all the bells and whistles).  This was a fun and amusing book, and may just make its way to my bookshelf at home too.
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Reviewed by Brilla

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