Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lost worlds by Andrew Lane

After losing the use of his legs and both his parents in a car accident several years ago, Calum Challenger has become focused on one thing - cryptozoology.  Through his Lost Worlds website Calum tracks down and records information about creatures of legend and creatures that everyone believes no longer exist.  It is a strange hobby for a teenage boy, but then not every teenage boy has the financial resources Calum does - as long as he doesn't want to buy a Ferrari then he pretty much has his aunt (and guardians) support.  When Calum finds a picture online that appears to be an Almast he is excited beyond belief, this may be the first chance to really prove that these creatures exist - and it might be his first chance to source some of their DNA, DNA that may help[ cure him one day.

What Calum can't prepare himself for is the arrival of new allies in his life - and new enemies.  Gecko is a free runner who calls the roof tops home, a free open space where he can challenge himself mentally and physically.  He is smart, driven, and has no small skill when it comes to knowing what he is capable of.  Unfortunately there are people who are all too aware of what he is capable of and they have plans for his unique skill set, plans that don't sit well with Gecko.  At the same time Tara is happy to try and crack websites and open up information about corporations that don't seem on the up and up, but that has brought her to the attention of a company that is as interested in her as she is in them - and they don't play fair.  In the USA Rhino is the subject of some unwanted attention and only some quick thinking can get him out of the jam he is in. 

All three of them - Gecko, Tara, and Rhino - have the need to be elsewhere for awhile, and Calum has the need for someone to be in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia.  An expedition seems like the answer, but things don't run smoothly, especially with the Nemor Corporation working in the background to make sure Calum and his team don't succeed.

Lost worlds was fast paced, multi-faceted, and addictive.  Lane has a knack for writing tension and action without all the flowery details and descriptions that can make some series seem to be drowning under the weight of their own words - what you get here is a tightly written novel that keeps the tension and pace up through the whole story, providing you with enough detail to picture the story in your own mind.  The cast of characters is varied and interesting, each of them has their own demons to deal with and bring a unique skill set to the team - there are moments of clich├ęs but not enough to turn me off the story.  While there are some impressive "toys" in the story, they are not outside the realm of possibility and you end up with a believable action adventure for teens of all ages.  This promises to be the first book in the series, and if the series keeps to this same high standard then it will be an exciting and addictive series to read.

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