Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweet addiction by Maya Banks

Ten years ago Cole hurt Ren while they were experimenting with BDSM and the experience left her with a physical scar - and Cole with an emotional one.  He walked out afterwards, riddled with guilt and left her to find her own way through the feelings and emotions she experienced for the first time with him.  Flash forward to the present and Cole is still involved in the BDSM world, but he has never connected with anyone in the way he did with Ren, and Ren is living with Lucas - a willing submissive to this very dominant man.  When Cole happens to come across Ren again he feels a need to own and dominate her that he hasn't felt for all those years in between, and then just when it seems as though she will slip through his fingers again, Lucas offers him an amazing gift - two weeks where Ren will be his again to dominate as he wishes.  Ren is caught between the two men, one who has loved and cherished her for over a year giving her everything she needs, and the man who left her scarred physically and emotionally after he left. 

Sweet addiction is one of those books that was definitely a guilty pleasure, not just because there is explicit sexual content (and the little black label on the book told the whole world as much) but also because it was one of those books where the sex really was the centre of the book, and the plot and characters were the little bit on the side.  Don't get me wrong, there is a plot and there are characters, but they are not particularly well developed, and at the beginning of the book they almost seemed like a parody of people, almost moving like puppets and expressing black and white emotions and thoughts, but this got a lot better as the story moved forward and the plot developed a little bit more.  Judging from the title it seems as though this might be part of a series, and there may have been some expectation that the reader had some of the background - as I haven't read anything else by this author I did feel a little disappointed, like I had been cheated out of getting to know the characters a little better.

There are some great surprises and little touches in this book, and while the BDSM elements wont appeal to every reader, it does sit quite well with the whole Fifty shades of Grey phenomena and while I haven't read Fifty shades yet (because it is just too difficult to get hold of at the moment), Sweet addiction appears to be in a similar vein, more of a love story than just being about the BDSM - some of which is quite graphic but no more so than other sexually explicit content books of this type.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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