Monday, July 9, 2012

Enchanted by Alethea Kontis

Sunday is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, and each of her sisters bears the name of a day of the week, and each of them carries a gift from their fairy godmother.  Sunday has always felt that her mother lacks imagination, and that her name reflects this, she also knows that her mothers words have power.  Sunday shares that gift, and she must be careful because every time she writes something down it tends to come true, but not always in the way she plans.  Her family lives in a simple home in the country, and each of them have a task to do to keep the family clothed and fed, although Sunday always tries to find the time to write down her thoughts and memories in her journal, collecting together her story, her family story, and the stories that her family bring back to her on their travels.
While she is writing in her journal one day a frog comes along that talks, not an amazing thing in itself in a land of fairy godmothers, curses, and enchantments - but the growing friendship between them is a surprise.  Sunday finds in Grumble a friend like no other, a friend that sees her for what she is and accepts her for what she is - even if he does ask her to kiss him to break the enchantment.  As their friendship grows, Grumble learns more about Sunday and her family - and he learns that her family will never accept him because they hold him responsible for the fate of one of their sons and brothers.  When the spell is miraculously broken, Grumble returns to his human shape and begins the task of winning over the heart that he has broken. 
Alethea Kontis draws on fairytale lore to create a world rich in detail and character, with a cast of characters both good and evil that make up the fabric of a society that is amazingly accepting of talking animals and fairy godmother gifts/curses.  Sunday is a charming character that you warm to immediately, and while at times you feel like shaking Prince Rumbold and telling him to get over himself, he is also remarkably loveable.  The detail in Enchanted is amazing, but it also doesn't drown you by being too much, it is just the right amount to keep you thoroughly engrossed.  The characters are also a charming blend of humour, drama, love, conflict, and grief.  There is no one clear fairytale here, but it adds to the story rather than detracting from it - becoming its own story rather than a mere echo of someone elses.  A great read and hopefully there will be more in the future from this great author.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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