Friday, March 16, 2012

Dirt bomb by Fleur Beale

Buzz, Robbie, and Jake are best mates and have been for years.  Robbie is the dreamer, the one they have to keep an eye on so he doesn't get into trouble.  Buzz is the serious one who already has a steady job and pays for everything.  Jake is easy going and determined to never get a job and work for the "man".  Everything is going sweet, same as it has always been, until they find the old car in the ditch and decide to turn it into a paddock basher - a car they can drive around off road until it dies.  But there is a small hitch, Buzz refuses to pay for everything this time, if Robbie and Jake want to use the car too then they have to put in an even share.  Jake thinks Buzz will change his mind, but when he doesn't Jake has some hard choices to make.

This is another modern classic from New Zealand author Fleur Beale, a story that blends together action, drama, and car stuff - enough of everything to keep teen boys and teen girls interested.  It is short and punchy and you get a real sense of everyone growing and changing over the summer school holidays between year 12 and year 13.  This was a fun read and has some great laugh out loud moments.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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