Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bad kitty by Michele Jaffe

Jasmine "Jas" Callihan has the remarkable ability to end up in all sorts of interesting situations, and never seems to stay out of trouble for more than a few hours (okay maybe minutes) at a time.  In Las Vegas for a family vacation with her dad, her stepmother Sherri!, her aunt and uncle, and evil incarnate cousin, Jas totally plans to just relax and stay out of trouble - but then a cat comes out of nowhere and changes all that.  Jas finds it impossible to ignore a good mystery, and with one literally jumping into her lap, it seems like a dream come true.  As things heat up her best friends descend on Vegas to add to the excitement and drama, and Jas finds herself facing danger at every turn as the mystery unravels.

This is a fun and quirky read for a who load of reasons.  Firstly because Jas is the almost perfect anti-hero, and secondly because of the way Michele Jaffe writes - this is the first book I ever read that had footnotes at the bottom of some of the pages where the characters have conversations outside the story.  There are some truly laugh out loud moments here, and the supporting cast of friends and family help to bring this story to life.  It is also really nice to read a book where the characters have flaws, that they are not perfect people who bounce from one place to another without a scratch - Jas's specialty seems to be more bouncing from disaster to disaster collecting as many bumps and bruises as possible. 

This is the second time I have read Bad kitty, and I have to say that I enjoyed it as much this time around as I enjoyed reading it the first time.  It is true that Bad kitty won't appeal to everyone because it is quirky (here read strange, a little off kilter, slightly random, etc...) but it is a great read once you get used to the footnotes and banter between the characters.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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