Saturday, January 14, 2012

The real thing by Brian Falkner

Fraser, Fizzer to his mates, is not your average teenager he has ESP - Extraordinary Sensory Perception.  He can hear and smell better than other people, but his real talent is that he can tell you all about the fizzy drink you have given him to taste.  He can tell you the brand and the flavour, and he is never wrong - until the day he is (but it wasn't really his fault).  One little trip to Coca-Cola headquarters in Auckland soon snowballs into a trip to Atlanta and the start of the biggest adventure of Fizzers life.

This is a fantastically funny and enjoyable read from Brian Falkner.  The story bounces and rollicks along with great momentum and just the right blend of idiocy, humour, and adventure.  Fizzer and Tupai are great characters and the villains are delightfully troublesome.  While the humour in some ways is distinctly Kiwi, it will also have a slightly wider appeal, and while it would be unfair to describe Falkner as a modern day Roald Dahl (because he is his own man and has his own style) there is something Dahl-like to this adventure of Fizzer and it may appeal to young readers who like Roald Dahl and would like to try something a little more modern.

Falkner is a great author and combines a great story with good pacing and just the right amount of background to keep things moving at the right pace.  In a lot of ways this reads like a spoken story, like someone is telling it to you verbally and that they are skipping around a little because they want to make sure you are up with the play, and luckily Falkner finds the right balance with this technique rather than making the story too difficult to follow.  I read this when it first came out and it was a real pleasure to read it again.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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