Friday, January 6, 2012

A courtesan's guide to getting your man by Celeste Bradley & Susan Donovan

In modern-day Boston, museum curator Piper is turning 30 and having a really bad day - either the worst of her life, or the second-worst. Both of these days have been witnessed by the gorgeous Mick Malloy. This day, however, has an upside, if she takes the challenge, of finding the long-hidden diaries of Olivia Harrington - local historical luminary and human rights campaigner.

In Regency London, 18-year-old Olivia finds a unique way of avoiding an arranged marriage - but leaving society behind and becoming a courtesan, trained by a masked man known to her only as 'Sir'.

With the encouragement of her best friend, Brenna, Piper undertakes a makeover inspired by the lessons and experience of Olivia, the Blackbird, gleaned from the diaries.
But does Piper have the courage to share Olivia's hidden past with the world in a very in-your-face museum exhibition?  An intriguing read which made wish it was longer, with maybe more of Olivia's story. However, I do have some reservations about the realities of Olivia's experience. But what would I know, I'm not a 19th-century courtesan, nor a historian. And why didn't Olivia's hero open up sooner?
Steamy sex scenes.

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Reviewed by Thalia.

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