Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey

Menolly has come to the Harper's Hall, the one place on Pern where she dreamed of being, but thought she could never be because she was born a girl instead of a boy. It is a completely new world, and so many of the lessons she has learnt in her life have to be unlearnt if she is to fit into her new world and her new life.  Nothing is certain, some of the Masters seem to be determined that she has no place in the hall, no right to be there, a thought that appears to be shared by some of the Journeymen as well.  The girls she lives with as not sure what to make of her, and without the skills so many girls learn when they are fostered out with another family, Menolly soon finds herself at odds with some of her new room mates and the woman who runs the cottage. 

Through everything though, Menolly clings to her love her music, the idea that she can live in a world where music is accepted and encouraged - rather than met with scorn, ridicule, or a beating.  Continuing on from where Dragonsong left off, this is the conclusion to Menolly's amazing story and is a thoroughly engrossing read.  To say too much will ruin the surprises and charm of this shorter length novel from Anne McCaffrey - and every reader deserves the opportunity for the story to unravel at its own pace.  And once again I have to say that I wish fire lizards were real - although sometimes dogs and cats come as a close second.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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