Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meg by Steve Alten

I have to confess that I picked this book up thinking that I would read a few pages, laugh hysterically and then return the book to the local library for someone else to laugh over.  What I found instead was a novel that I really enjoyed reading and had trouble putting down.

The story is a simple one - on a deep sea dive for the Navy Jonas Taylor thinks he sees an extinct megalodon in the waters of the Mariana Trench causing him to take emergency action that kills his submersible crew.  Forced out of the Navy because of the incident, Jonas turns to the lecture circuit where he shares his belief that the ancient sharks are in fact still alive.  Years later Jonas finds himself returning to the same trench and this time he is not sure about what he saw back then, an illusion that is shattered when he sees one of the mighty sharks rising into the ocean above.

All too quickly Jonas, and everyone else realises that the modern world is not ready for the massive size of this killer shark - and the equally large appetite that she brings with her.  Able to move at incredible speeds and remain undetected by swimming through the deepest parts of the ocean, the megalodon is a killing machine who rapidly discovers a taste for tasty little human sized morsels.  Thrown in the deep end, Jonas may be the only thing standing between a pregnant megalodon and her goal of finding a safe place to birth her pups.  The only hope of salvation may be the Tanaka Lagoon, a massive man made lake designed to capture migrating whales - but they are in a race against time, and the clock is against them.

This series brings together elements of the adventure, thriller, and science fiction genres in a unique and terrifying vision of what could happen if one of the most feared predators in the ocean was suddenly joined by it's larger and more ferocious cousin.  While this will not appeal to everyone, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to sinking my teeth (ahem) into the sequels.  

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