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Chained by Eileen Brady

Chained is the third book in the Kate Turner, DVM series and while you can read it as a stand alone you will enjoy it more if you read the series in order - so start with Muzzled and Unleashed first.

Kate Turner is finding herself increasingly at home in the small town of Oak Falls, and the local residents appear to have accepted her as the local vet - and the local amateur sleuth.  It has been a while since Kate was involved with a murder, but that changes when one of her patients proudly returns home with a human bone.  It turns out that the bone belongs to Flynn Keegan, who everyone assumed had run off to Hollywood ten years previously. 

When Kate is approached by his family to investigate the murder it becomes clear that she is getting something of the reputation - and this time the case may be a little out of her league.  Solving a fresh case is relatively easy, but how do you go about solving a cold case when you weren't even living in the town at the time of the murder?  As she digs into the case Kate realises that there are quite a few people keeping secrets in her little town, and that there are some wounds that even ten years can't heal.  As the cold case starts getting warmer Kate finds herself playing host to a former boyfriend and an increasingly complicated personal life that may lead her into trouble before the case is over.

Chained is the third book in the charming and fun Kate Turner, DVM series.  In this third book Eileen Brady appears to have hit her writing stride, with a story that has all the charming and engaging characters we are used to, along with a feeling of being more polished and finely tuned.  The characters have started to feel like real people, and with this third outing the characters have more depth and more evolved back stories (thanks to having read the series in order).  You could read this series out of order with enjoyment, but it is definitely a series that deserves to be read in order so you can gain the benefit of watching the relationships develop and grow.

This small town gets smaller with each new book, but each book expands the world we know and sees Kate become a greater part of her new community.  A fun read that deserves to be discovered and enjoyed in a single session.  Can't wait to see what is next for the town of Oak Falls.

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