Saturday, November 11, 2017

Absolute zero by James Patterson and Ed Chatterton

Cody Thurston lives and works in a pub in East London, happy to live a simple life and leave his past in the past.  When he sends a group of trouble makers on their way one night he has no idea how badly that is going to come back and bite him where it hurts.  Rather than making everyone safer he finds himself on the run accused of crimes he didn't commit.

For Nate Miller Thurston is dealt with through a neat frame up, but he has underestimated Thurston.  A former special forces soldier, Thurston is resourceful and highly skilled - not to mention thirsty for revenge.  Miller can run, but he can't hide, and Thurston is determined to see his mission through.  Miller is used to getting his own way and coming out on top, but sometimes it's not the biggest bad in town that wins - it's the hero no one sees coming.  If Thurston can pull off this mission of a life time he will save lives and stop a flood of illicit drugs hitting the market, but first he has to survive everything Miller can throw at him.

Absolute zero is a thrill ride and a great addition to the Bookshots range - especially for readers who enjoy books that are more at the thriller end of the spectrum rather than the crime end.  Patterson and Chatterton have created a great character in Cody Thurston and I was hooked on the story from the start, wondering where the story could possibly lead next.  Hopefully there are more books from this combination of authors because I am hooked on their character development and fast paced plotting!  Best read in one sitting so you don't miss a second of the action and the twists and turns.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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