Sunday, October 1, 2017

Haunted by James Patterson and James O. Born

Haunted is the tenth book in the Michael Bennett series, and while they can be read independently you get the most enjoyment out of the series when you read them in order.  This review contains series ***SPOILERS*** if you have not read the entire series.  I highly recommend that you read the series in order, starting with Step on a crack.

Life is never easy for a New York detective, but when you are Michael Bennett it also seems like you never get a break.  Throwing himself into his work is a good way to forget about the drama at home, but when you are a cop and one of your children is awaiting trial for selling drugs 'tough' doesn't begin to cover it.  He knows his son is a good kid, but for everyone else Brian is a prime target for being made an example of.  While trying to find answers is one way of dealing with his problems it also keeps him away from his family and puts him in danger.  Bennett is determined to get the drug dealers off the streets and save his son, but how do you stop a crime wave of school children dealers and enforcers?

When a family vacation in a small town in Maine falls in his lap it seems like the fates are aligning to give him a much needed break - but he should have realised his life is never that easy.  The house in Maine is old and has plenty of room, not to mention a private lake where the kids can swim and play, but the town also has a very familiar feeling problem.  There is a drug dealer in town that local detective, and his former partner, is trying to stop.  Drawn into the case, Michael finds himself caught up in more than just the crime - there is a young woman who lives on the charity of the community sometimes, and the rest of the time is homeless.  She has information that can help their case, but the cost of getting that information may be higher than Bennett is willing to pay.

I was surprised to discover that this latest book in the Michael Bennett series was not written by Patterson and Ledwidge - and I have to confess that I found it lacked something, a spark, and I am not sure if I felt that way because it really lacked it, or if it was psychosomatic because of the missing name!  The story line was solid, the characters were good, but it lacked the spark and humour that are the usual hallmarks of a Michael Bennett story.  A good read, but not the best.  Hopefully Ledwidge is back for the next book, or that Patterson and Born can up the chemistry for a more 'typical' Bennett thriller.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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