Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Do not disturb by A.R. Torre

Do not disturb is the sequel to The girl in 6E, and while you can read and enjoy this book on it's own, you will understand more and enjoy more if you read the books in order.  I highly recommend reading The girl in 6E first so there aren't any ***SPOILERS**** when you read the review for Do not disturb.

It has been a few months since Deanna let her inner monster out of the box, and while she seems to have settled back into her life a hunger bubbles under the surface, pushing her to push her limits.  Her relationship with Jeremy is both exhilarating and terrifying, a hint of normalcy that seriously tests her ability to maintain control.  With Jeremy by her side she can leave her apartment and re-enter the normal world, but there is always a doubt about her ability to control herself - a doubt that Jeremy seems oblivious to.  It seemed like she could never have a normal life, but with each day it seems as though she might just be able to do it - as long as she leaves the knives at home.

Having a boyfriend is a novel experience in more ways than one - not many boyfriends would be okay with their partner working as a sexcam operator.  Luckily it is not a huge deal, because working the sexcam is what has given Deanna the freedom to live her life.  Working as JessReilly19 has made her a lot of money, and with that money comes safety and security - not to mention the ability to live in an apartment with little or no actual human contact.  It is a safe way for her to make money, a chance to manipulate people without putting their lives at risk, or exposing her to the risk of hurting others. 

When one of her clients tries to push "Jess" into meeting in real life, his increasing pressure results in him being banned from her sexcam feeds, and then her private website.  It's normal practice for this to happen, but this time Deanna has started a dangerous game of cat and mouse because they man she banned has power, money, and after several years in prison a burning desire for female company.  Her former client has a burning desire to find "Jess" and punish her, but he has no idea what he is up against.

The girl in 6E was a genre bending series opener that defiantly refused to be pushed into a single category and had scenes that were pretty confronting - both in terms of being pretty explicit, but also because of the glimpses we get into Deanna's mind.  Do not disturb picks up a few months later and while the content is drifting towards more of a romance than a sexually explicit/erotica vibe it is still a pretty intense read.  Book one was a bold and brave move for author A.R. Torre, and she has built on that first novel to include a broader range of challenges and emotions for Deanne and her readers. 

Getting restless in her apartment opens up a whole new world (literally) for Deanna, and her growing relationship adds new challenges and opportunities.  One of the most intense things about this story is the parallel story with the recently released rapist who fixates on Deanna and is on a collision course with all her pent up desires and need to kill.  This series is something of a guilty pleasure for me because as soon as I say she is a sexcam worker most people can't take anything else I say seriously (or they look at me strangely), but this is a very good series, and the author obviously has a good understanding of human nature and the challenges we all face getting through each day.  Deanna is smart and fierce, and she knows how to get what she wants (even if that does scare the pants off the people around her!).

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