Sunday, January 1, 2017

Kill again by Neal Baer and Jonathan Greene

Kill again is the sequel to Kill switch, and while the books can be read independently there are ***SPOILERS*** in this review if you have not already read Kill switch.  I highly recommend reading the series in order.

Having picked up the pieces of her life as best she can, Claire Waters has returned to treating patients as part of the Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship that she almost walked away from.  It is not the same as before though, she is keeping her distance and keeping barriers in place after the events of the year before.  She can't keep those barriers up with Rosa though, one of her patients and a woman that seems to have been dealt bitter blow after bitter blow.  She lost her job, her husband, and her freedom - and then lost even more in prison to a guard who took advantage of the situation.  Freed from prison under the Fellowship programme, Rosa is making positive changes in her life and making progress - and then Claire sees a police man leading Rosa away in hand cuffs into an unmarked car. 

That moment is the start of a nightmare for Claire, because no one knows where Rosa is and no one seems to care apart from Claire.  When official channels can't or wont help Claire she reaches out to Detective Nick Lawler - the only cop that Claire thinks will help her.  Working together is risky for both of them, but for Nick it could mean the immediate end to a career that is almost over anyway.  His rapidly diminishing eye sight has him confined to a desk, stripped of his weapon and most of his self respect, but something about Claire's story pulls him into a mystery that they have to solve before there are more victims.

Reading Kill again took a little more effort than I usually like to spend on a book, partly because at times it felt like the pace was a little slow.  As with the first book in the series you can pick up on the television background for the writers, as some of the storyline lacked a consistent level of pace and punch - but on the screen it would have been fine.  I did like the challenge of trying to figure out what was going on, and that was the saving grace for this book.  I am not sure if I would pick up more books in the series, if there are more, but it was a good mental workout trying to figure out what was going on. 

I prefer books that have punch and a fast pace so some of the negativity would purely be my reading preferences and there will be plenty of readers out there who prefer a slower burn and more background building who will no doubt eagerly lap the story up and want more.  This is definitely a series that you have to try to see if it is your taste.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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