Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hide and seek by M.J. Arlidge

Hide and seek is the sixth book in the DI Helen Grace thrillers series so this review contains ***SPOILERS*** if you have not read the first books in the series.  While you can read this book independently you will get the most enjoyment out of reading the series in order.

Helen Grace has well and truly fallen from grace, incarcerated in the sad and decaying Holloway prison.  Every day behind bars is torture, not only because she has been framed, but also because there are a number of women in Holloway who are there because of her actions as a police officer.  Forced to live in general population, each day is a struggle to stay safe - not only from the other inmates, but also from some of the guards.  Each day behind bars is another day closer to her trial, but she has well and truly been stitched up by a cold calculated killer who knew exactly how to get her.  

The only person who truly believes that Helen is innocent is Charlie Brooks, but she is fighting an uphill battle against a police force that is determined to believe they have their murderer.  Searching for the real killer puts huge pressure on Charlie, but she is determined to prove that Helen Grace is innocent - even if it means risking her job to do it.  The clock is ticking on the case, and there is a very real chance that Grace may never make it out of Holloway alive.  There is a killer on the loose who is stalking the women of Holloway, a killer who not only kills their victims but also desecrates the bodies in a disturbing and gruesome way.  Trapped on the inside with the killer, Helen can't help but investigate the crime - once a cop, always a cop.  But Helen Grace isn't a cop anymore, she's a prisoner with no power and no credibility - and if she keeps digging she may very well dig her own grave.

The DI Helen Grace thrillers are fast paced and hard hitting, with short and snappy chapters that keep the action moving at a breathless pace and challenge you to figure out what is happening before everything is revealed in the last few chapters.  With Helen Grace in prison for murder it seemed like it was going to be a different kind of read with Hide and seek, but the truth is that it was just like the rest of the series - tightly written, with some very clever little plot points along the way.  

This is an amazing series and while for some international readers it may be a very "British" I am not from the United Kingdom and I could follow it just fine.  Arlidge wrote for television for a number of years and you can feel that with his writing, he doesn't waste time on flowery prose or overly detailed descriptions - he lets the characters and the story keep you connected to the story.  If you like authors like James Patterson then you have to try Arlidge, and if you like Arlidge and haven't tried Patterson yet then I suggest you do.  

Now the countdown starts to March 2017 when we get to read Follow my leader - the next book in the series.

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