Thursday, May 26, 2016

Killer instinct by S.E. Green

On the outside Lane seems like a pretty typical teenager, but deep down she knows that she is not normal.  No normal teenager keeps a scrap book about serial killers - something Lane has done since she was a child.  Keeping her dark self a secret is important to Lane as her mother and stepfather both work for the FBI, but she also has to find some way of letting it out.  When Lane watches a rapist get away with his crime because of a lack of evidence she decides to do something about it, and a new part of her story begins.  Teaching criminals a lesson is exhilarating and risky, but nothing compared to the realisation that a serial killer knows who she is, and that he is reaching out to her.  Can Lane decipher the clues and figure out who the killer is before she becomes his next victim?

I have a slight addiction to reading crime novels, something I am not ashamed to admit.   I also enjoy watching crime shows for the same reason - I like to see if I can figure out what is going to happen before it happens.  When I read the blurb for Killer instinct it really appealed because too often teen novels shy away from darker subjects, robbing teens of the chance to read age appropriate but challenging material (not everyone likes teen romances, vampires, or werewolves).  I wasn't sure what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a book that walked the line between intense and dark with style - yes Lane may be a budding serial killer, but she is not unnecessarily cruel or twisted.

Lane is the character in sharpest focus throughout the story, with the rest of the characters tending to fade into the background.  Usually I find it difficult to read books where the main character is the only one that you really get to know, but considering Lane is supposed to be a budding sociopath it makes sense as they often have trouble understanding and relating to other people.  There are some very interesting moments throughout Killer instinct that keep you guessing about what is coming next and it was a very good read - light, but interesting.  

(Some of you may feel a little bit of a Dexter feel with Lane, I felt it but it didn't feel like a carbon copy done for teens).

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