Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Touched by an alien by Gini Koch

Most people, when confronted with a scary monster straight out of a bad science fiction movie would either run for their lives or look around to see where the cavalry was - instead Katherine "Kitty" Katt kicks off her shoes and runs at the monster armed with nothing but a pen.  When she manages to stop the monster no one is more surprised than Kitty, especially when the gorgeous aliens in Armani turn up to mop up the damage and let her in a little secret - there are some nasty alien parasites on Earth who can take people over and turn them into superbeings with a variety of nasty "talents" that all spell death and disaster for the human population.  She also discovers Jeff Martini - who in only a few minutes declares his undying love and his determination to make Kitty his wife.

In a matter of days everything Kitty thought she knew about her world, her family, and the existence of aliens is thrown on its head.  For some reason the ultimate superbeing has set his sights on Kitty and he is determined to turn her to his cause - despite what she may have to say about the matter.  Surrounded by gorgeous aliens and their trusted human agents, Kitty slowly begins to understand how things work and why she might be a target - and she also begins to understand why Jeff finds her more than a little irresistible.  They say the true test of a relationship is how you handle stressful situations - and Kitty and Jeff are about to face a trial by fire that may destroy one or both of them, or the whole world.

Touched by an alien was an accidental discovery for me and one that I am very glad I found!  I found a later book in the series that one of our customers had requested and reading the back had me intrigued so I ordered the first book in the series - and I have not stopped smiling, laughing, smirking, and turning the pages quickly to find out what happens next since I picked the book up.  Kitty is the "perfect" heroine because she is so human, the perfect balance for the seemingly perfect aliens.  There is some truly laugh out loud moments because of the wonderful world Koch has created - particularly the interplay between the characters and the situations they find themselves in / put themselves in.  

This is a fast paced high octane read where the action takes place over just a few short days - but in those few short days a lot of action happens - and not all of it happens out in the field.  This is a book I really connected with because I have a tendency to enjoy books and tv series with a sense of humour - especially when that humour acts as a buffer for some serious action.  This series may not appeal to "true" science fiction fans because it blends in some action, some drama, some romance, and some comedy - but it was definitely my cup of tea.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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