Thursday, October 30, 2014

Day 21 by Kass Morgan

Day 21 is the sequel to The 100 so this review contains ***SPOILERS*** about what happens in book one.  If you have not already read The 100 then I recommend you do before picking up Day 21.

The 100 have spent the last three weeks struggling to survive in a world that is surprisingly lush and full of life - but they lack the skills to make the most of it and the 100 is no longer an appropriate name for their group.  It is a challenging time made all the more challenging because they are breaking into factions and cliques, everyone struggling to get the best deal for themselves.  With Bellamy and Clarke away from the camp in search of Octavia Wells is left in the unenviable position of trying to keep order in an increasingly chaotic world - and everyone has been thrown into a spin because they have discovered they are not alone.

On the space colony life is just as complicated and Glass is barely hanging on as the people riot and fight for their survival when they are cut off from the supplies and air that sustains them - as the rich and entitled protect what they hold dear.  There is a chance for Glass and Luke to make it, but it will take all of her courage to make the first step and even if she succeeds nothing is guaranteed.  With the air running out and the hope of a new life on Earth looming Glass will have to fight for her chance to live - but the cost may be too high.

As secrets are revealed on the Earth and on the colony, alliances will shift and relationships will break.  The people who fled Earth so long ago are about to return home, but there are not enough ships for everyone to escape and the Earth they return to is not as friendly as they may have hoped.  As the story lines converge the 100 are about to learn the hardest truth of all - sometimes you have to risk it all in the hope of something better.

The 100 series has been a surprising and thoroughly enjoyable treat, a read that keeps you hooked from cover to cover wondering what will happen next and wondering when the next book will be available to enjoy (soon please).  Do not get The 100 book series confused with The 100 television series, they are two distinct voices that make the best use of their media.  The television series is visually appealing and has a strong action element that lends itself to the media of television - it is enjoyable and keeps you guessing what comes next (we have just finished season one here in New Zealand) but I much prefer the book series.  The book series shows a deep understanding of human nature and what people would do in challenging situations - for the good and for the bad.

The sign of a really good book for me is one that almost seems to read itself, where you pick it up and start reading and only emerge at the end wondering where the time went.  Dystopian fiction is the big thing and so many authors are trying their hands at  the "dystopian" thing, some are falling far short of creating a good read - Morgan hasn't created a good read, she has made an excellent read.  There was also a risk creating a series that was turned into a television series as it was being created - there was a huge risk of creating a train wreck of either the series or the television series.  Morgan has managed to create a world that works equally well as a book and television series  and the unique voice of each gives them the ability to stand on their own - you can read the book and watch the series or choose to do one or the other.  

A fabulous read and hopefully we don't have to wait too long for the next one in the series as we are finally gaining some momentum and direction with the two worlds converging.

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