Thursday, September 4, 2014

Every dog has its day by Max Cryer

The subtitle for this book is "a thousand things you didn't know about man's best friend" - this seemed something of a challenge to a person like myself who has a tendency to collect trivia, and who has collected quite a bit of dog trivia over the years.  What I found was an eclectic collection of short stories, mini biographies, and trivia seemingly thrown together in no particular order into a book that was surprisingly charming and very difficult to put down.  A lot of the facts were not new to me, but there are a lot of little bits and pieces that I knew something about, and some things I knew nothing about making this a fascinating test of knowledge and the chance to learn something new.

Every dog has its day is a New Zealand publication, but it has a very international feel and would appeal to readers all around the world who have a love or interest in our canine companions.  There are some lovely sentiments, some laugh out loud moments, and some recognition of the amazing roles that dogs fill in our lives.  Told in a punchy and easily accessible way, this is a book for the everyday reader rather than a weighty academic work that sends you to sleep word by lengthy word.  I have not read any books by Max Cryer before and I am now tempted to take a look at his other books because if they are written with the same skill and sense of humour then they should be a lot of fun as well as entertaining and educational.

If you are interested in the history of dogs and the roles they play in our lives then there will be a lot to love in this book, it will also appeal to you if you are interested in the origins of some of the dog breeds that have become so familiar to many of us, and there are facts that help you understand how we can have dogs ranging in size from a Newfoundland down to a Chihuahua.  Even if you are not a real fans of dogs in particular you are bound to find more than a few facts to engage you and keep you smiling long after you have closed the last page of the book.  I am a dog lover, having two in the house, and I loved adding more to my own trivia banks about some of my best friends.

If you are looking for a gift book for someone who loves animals of all shapes and sizes (especially dogs) then this could be a good stocking stuffer or birthday gift.  The same size as the average paperback, the book is easy to carry in a bag and the quick fire sections and anecdotes mean you can pick it up and put it down whenever you want - although I read it straight through in one session because I didn't want to put it down!  Much lighter than a lot of the other dog focused books being published at the moment, Every dog has its day is a great opportunity to learn more about man's best friend in kibble sized chunks!

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