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Erased by Jennifer Rush

Erased is the sequel to Altered so there are ***SPOILERS*** in this review if you have not read the first book in the series.  I highly recommend that you read Altered before you read any more of this review and before you read Erased as it is one of those series where it is really important to read them in order.

Anna is slowly adjusting to life away from the only home she has ever known - it helps that she and the "boys" have developed a routine to keep them all safe and ready to move at a moments notice.  She has grown closer to Sam, she has found a playful relationship with Cas where he shamelessly flirts and she knocks him back, and with Nick she has found the best thing for both of them is for her to keep distance between them.  They have moments of intense training and focus, but they also have moments of peace and tranquility - which is increasingly interrupted by flashbacks from their past.

Sam and Anna seem to be particularly shaken by their flashbacks, and Anna is finding it harder and harder to shake the images and feelings after each flashback.  Staying under the radar is challenging, especially when they have to stick together for mutual protection, but so far they have managed to stay away from Branch and their cronies.  When Anna's sister Dani suddenly reappears everything they have worked for is threatened - because Dani has been captured by Branch and the only way to break her out is to launch an attack on one of the Branch labs.

Erased is a worthy sequel for Altered - packed with drama, action, and conspiracies.  Anna and the boys are more defined in this second book in the series, and you can see their development as individuals as they learn more about their pasts.  There are some truly mind-blowing revelations in this book in the series, which at times just leave you going "huh, I didn't see that one coming."  Picking up from where the last book in the series left off can be a bit of a killer for some books (mainly because you forget what happened during the gap between publishing dates) but that was not the case this time - the characters had made enough of an impact for me to fill in enough of the gaps jumping back in.

The dynamic between the characters seems very grounded, and the relationships seem well thought out.  I initially thought this was the final book in the series because the ending is so satisfying, but after checking online it seems as though there is another book to come (so watch this space).

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