Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The trap by Andrew Fukuda

The trap is the third book in the Hunt trilogy so this review contains ***SPOILERS*** if you haven't read The hunt and The prey yet.

Gene has made another lucky escape, but now he is on his way to an unknown future with the survivors of the dusker massacre.  Everyone is tense as the train draws closer and closer to their destination, especially Gene and Sissy who know what is most likely waiting for them at the end of the line.  Their worst fears are realised when they find themselves trapped in the underground pens of hepers that are the personal property of the Ruler - a convenient collection of food just waiting to be devoured whenever the urge strikes the Ruler.  It is a desperate time, made even more desperate by a hidden conspiracy within the dusker metropolis that wants to use Gene and Sissy for their own plans.

When Gene is offered the chance to gain his freedom along with freedom for Sissy he jumps at the chance, even though his chance will bring him into conflict with his first love Ashley June.  There are dark undercurrents in Gene's life, and it feels like everything has a double meaning and that everyone is keeping secrets.  In the metropolis Gene and Sissy will face overwhelming odds, and will have to make split second decisions that could change their lives forever.  On the opposite side is Ashley June who has discovered a secret so terrible that it has been erased from the history of the duskers, a secret that will have far reaching consequences for everyone - if they survive.

The trap is the final book in the Hunt trilogy and I was eagerly awaiting the final book in the series so I could see what finally happened with Gene and Sissy - and what I got was a fast paced read with a mind blowing twist at the end that left saying "what, he did what to the story".  This whole series has been an adventure, a fresh take on the mythology of vampires and has flipped the story over, making the people the odd ones out rather than the "vampires".  The human relationships in the story have also been a strong point, you feel the connection between Gene and Ashley June, and Gene and Sissy and the boys - the relationships and the connections are what provide the story with substance and depth.

This series is extremely well written and was more than a little addictive.  I have started a few series in the past year and failed to sink into the second or third book in the series because the series had just lost its way - that is not the case here, the series is strong from start to finish.  This is not a series you can easily slot into a genre - there is horror (vampires), action (lots of action), mystery (what is really going on?), there is a smidge of romance (it's all a part of life after all), and then there is the dystopian aspect that runs through all the novels.  This is an amazing series and deserves attention - hopefully future books by Fukuda will be as strong as these - he is a fantastic writer for teens because he doesn't talk down to his audience or cheat them with the story.  I have enjoyed the journey with Gene and hope that there will be more "Gene's" in the future.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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