Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Don't look now by Michelle Gagnon

Don't look now is the sequel to Don't turn around so this review contains ***SPOILERS***  If you like to read series in order then read Don't turn around before reading anymore of this review.

Noa and Peter have gone their separate ways - working individually but together, to bring down Project Persephone and rescue the kids that have been taken from the streets.  Peter is using his computer skills to track down the labs where the kids are taken and Noa then conducts a raid on the facility with her small team.  It is a system that has been working, but it is a very small scale operation and they know there are still kids being taken off the streets for PEMA research.  When a raid goes badly Noa and her team find themselves running for safety with some new recruits in tow - and one of them has Noa on edge although she can't explain why and the others just think Noa is jealous.  At the same time Peter is facing his own challenges as what seemed like a cunning plan backfires and leaves him making difficult choices.

Don't look now follows on closely from the events in Don't turn around and keeps up the tension and the pace as we rejoin Peter and Noa a few months after they have gone their separate ways - each of them facing new challenges and tough choices.  They have both continued to grow as individuals, and with new challenges coming thick and fast they have to make snap decisions that could affect not only them but also the work they are trying to complete to bring down Project Persephone.  The characters from the first book are all present and accounted for, and while Noa and Peter are the main characters there are subplots woven through the novel keeping you in touch with the rest of the characters and what is happening in their lives.

This series is one of those series where it is really beneficial to read the books in series order - mainly because there are subtleties to the plot that you miss if you haven't read the first book before reading the second (and in some cases not so subtle).  The pacing of these books is well handled, with a fast pace balanced with the occasional downtime to give you a chance for a breath before you launch into the next action scene. 

The final book in the series appears to be titled Don't let go but I couldn't find anymore information or a publication date so hopefully there will be more information available soon.  This is a brilliant series and I have high hopes for a satisfying conclusion to the series because Gagnon has set a very high standard for herself with this series.

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