Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Simply scandalous by Kate Pearce

How cruel of me to review the FINAL book in a series... But, considering the subject matter of the series, it is indeed apt.

At least, I assumed it was the final, as all the main characters are about to live happily ever after by the end. And, a quick 'net surf proved me right...

It has been the characters which drawn me to the series - and to continue reading it, anxiously awaiting the latest installment of The House of Pleasure series.

*WARNING: signs of spoilage ahead*
*WARNING: Lots of sex that may well stretch your comfort zone*

Yes, the sex is hot and very rarely 'vanilla', particularly in the earlier books. However, the over-the-top / multi-partner / various position sex acts is all driven by the characters' backgrounds, experiences, and inclinations (some of which is shaped by their pasts). How do you negotiate a 'normal' relationship when your earliest sexual experiences involve rape and, sometimes, sodomy? Or if you have never had a 'normal' relationship? If your parents were absent / abusive?

And it has been that negotiation that has kept me reading the series, as all the characters, to a greater or lesser degree, bear the scars (some physical) of their pasts.

The final volume tells the dual stories of Philip's legitimate children - Richard and Emily - as they fight to live their lives. Lives and partners of their own choosing.

Richard must fight against his past betrayal by Violet - and against her past as a spy - as her former handler plots to kill her and her brother.
Emily must struggle against prejudice as she tries to make Ambrose believe in her and their shared future.
If all ends as dreamed, Helen and Philip can be happy in the knowledge that all of their children and happy and with the one/s they love.

The other books in the series are:
  1. Simply sexual - the story of Valentin and Sara.
  2. Simply sinful - the story of Abigail and Peter and James and James' mystery man...
  3. Simply shameless - the story of Helene and Philip.
  4. Simply wicked - the story of Anthony and Marguerite.
  5. Simply insatiable - the story of Jane and Blaize. How to turn such a baddie into a romance novel hero? Seriously, Blaize (Minshom) is a complete alphole (alpha-male who is an a**hole... thanks Smart Bitches) in the previous book... how can you make him deserving of a happy ever after?!
  6. Simply forbidden - the story of Lisette and Gabriel.
  7. Simply carnal - the story of Christian and Elizabeth.
  8. Simply voracious - the story of Lucinda and Paul and Constantine.
  9. Simply scandalous - as above...
~ Reviewed by Thalia.

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