Monday, February 18, 2013

Ten things I love about you by Daniel Kirk

My favourite picture books are with the theme of family or friendship - two things that mean a lot to children, especially when they learn that people around them love them and care about them.  Some of my favourite friendship books are the Gerald and Piggie books by Mo Willems, and one of the things I love about those books is the honesty they have with each other, and how they don't need to talk about how much they love each other because they both know and show it in other ways.  Ten things I love about you has that same feeling, you know that Pig and Rabbit are friends because they understand each other so well, and because they are very in tune with each other. 

This charming and engaging story is matched with some cute illustrations that help the story come to life.  These are two best friends who know each other, and even though it seems as though Rabbit is annoying his friend Pig and driving him more than a little nuts, you soon learn the truth.  Charming and the perfect length for little listeners (not too long and not too short), this is a book to read over and over again.

If you like this book then try:
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Reviewed by Brilla

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