Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Simon's cat by Simon Tofield

Cat owners the world over will no doubt recognise the antics of their own cats in this charming book by Simon Tofield - a somewhat autobiographical graphic novel about a man and his demanding cat.  What began as a series of short clips on YouTube about a cat with a fondness for food and causing mischief for his owner has grown into a series of graphic novels as well.
Told without words, and sometimes without a real structure, the book is charming and conveys the relationship between the (long suffering) owner and the cat in quick and simple pen strokes that capture the mood perfectly.  From paw prints all over the bed, to a destroyed back garden, there is something here for cat lovers all over the world.
To explain too much is to distract from the charm of the book - a must read for cat fans.
Check out the official website for a taste of Simon's cat.
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Reviewed by Brilla

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