Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to keep dinosaurs by Robert Mash

What do you get the child who has everything - how about their very own dinosaur?  This is the perfect book for the dinophile who is ready for their first dinosaur - one to keep in the house or maybe one to keep in the yard.  It's not limiting to pet dinosaurs though, maybe you are interested in raising dinosaurs for farming instead - some species are a great source of feathers or eggs.  Or maybe you are more more adventurous and would rather open a zoo or safari park, this book can offer great advice about which species to choose for your zoo, and which ones to avoid.

This is a fantastically fun book that will appeal to dinosaur lovers (and anyone with a sense of humour) of all ages.  This book is basically a breed book for dinosaurs with size comparisons to people, what they like to eat, what their energy levels are like, and where you can get them from.  Each description includes a colour photo, many of them including people interacting with their pet dinosaurs in day-to-day life.  Broken down into easy to sections, it is an easy to read book with the odd personal comment from the author about their favourites, and some very serious warnings about what not to do with some of the species.

A wonderful read that I discovered years ago (thanks to a co-worker) and I am very glad that I found it again.

If you like this book then try:
  • Walking with dinosaurs: a natural history by Tim Haines
  • The complete guide to prehistoric life by Tim Haines and Paul Chambers
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  • How to raise and keep a dragon by John Topsell; illustrated by Dan Malone
  • Dr. Ernest Drake's dragonology: the complete book of dragons by Dugald Steer
  • Dr. Ernest Drake's monsterology handbook: a practical course in monsters by Dugald Steer
  • The monster maintenance manual: a spotter's guide by Peter Macinnis; illustrated by Adele K. Thomas

Reviewed by Brilla

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