Sunday, October 9, 2011

First born by James Goss

With the destruction of Torchwood, and with Captain Jack leaving Earth, Gwen is the only remaining link to Torchwood and someone wants her very badly judging by all the men in black chasing her and Rhys across Wales.  Being on the run is never fun or easy, but being heavily pregnant adds its own complications, as does the arrival of baby Anwen.  Hiding in an out of the way little village called Rawbone seems like an okay plan, until Gwen and Rhys notice that there is something very different about the children of Rawbone - they're a little too neat, a little too perfect, more than just a little bit difference.  Things are also strange with the adults, they seem to have an unhealthy interest in Rhys, Gwen and Anwen, an interest that could turn dangerous if Gwen can't figure out what is really going on in this village - and the fact that Torchwood has the key for a caravan in an abandoned caravan park means that Jack knows something, if only he was there to ask.

Novels that tie in to TV series can either go really well, or really badly, depending on the author and how well they learn the details of their characters through the eyes of the fans.  You could probably write a really good novel using the facts from the writers of the show, but it can take someone who has watched the series to make it really work.  I can't judge if James Goss watches the show or not, but it appears that he is very steeped in the worlds/cultures of Torchwood and the result is a punchy novel that is thoroughly engrossing and you can almost see the episode running through your head. 

This is part of a series of three novels that act as prequels for season four of Torchwood and is the bets of the two I have tried to read - the other being Long time dead which was discarded after the first few pages because it lacked any zing.  The only weird thing about this particular books are all the references to motherhood and what it feels like - kind of weird from a male author even if he did acknowledge his support team.  Thoroughly enjoyable read and I can't wait to get my copy of The men who sold the world so I can see how that compares to the others in the series.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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