Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now you see her by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Nina Bloom lives in New York and has done for nearly two decades, hiding from a past that she is not ready to face, and is definitely not ready for her teenage daughter to discover.  There is one secret that Nina keeps from her friends, her coworkers, and her daughter - most of her life is a complete fabrication, a lie built to protect herself from the dangers in her past.  Escaping from Miami as a young woman, Nina started over, creating a new life and new identity to keep herself and her unborn child safe.  Things have been working out well, until she discovers that an Innocent man has been charged with murders that he definitely didn't commit, and she knows he is innocent because one of the people he allegedly killed was her.  Heading back to Miami Nina is about to come face to face with her past in a collision that she may not survive.

I really enjoy reading James Patterson, and in particular the books he has been co-writing with Michael Ledwidge - they have a good chemistry that is lacking in some of the other co-authored works.  This was not the best book they have written together however, there are parts that just seem to fall a little flat, that seem almost too neat and good to be true.  It was a good story (one that I stayed up late to finish in one sitting) but I felt myself saying "yeah right" more than once.  This is a good page turning romp, and fits nicely with some of the other books by Patterson individually and Patterson with co-authors and while I enjoyed it immensely it wont be one I revisit any time soon.  Great read but it does leave you feeling like you have been left a little bit wanting, especially in places where you have a big build up and high expectations, only to have things sizzle instead of explode.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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