Sunday, May 29, 2011

Burn bright by Marianne de Pierres

Retra has escaped from the only home she has ever known, catching a barge to the magical island of Ixion.  The life she leaves behind is one of heavily enforced rules, the life of a Seal, a people despised by even the other people of Grave.  Ixion is the island of legend, a place where people go to escape the life they live, a place where she hopes to find her missing brother Joel.  When Joel left her life went from bad to unbearable, and even the adventurous trip to Ixion can not stop her attempts to find him.  But things are not what Retra expected on the island, and she soon finds herself caught between worlds, between ideas, and between factions.  What are the dangers that lurk in the shadows of the island, and what is the whispering voice that seems to sound in her ears when no one else is around, words that seem to speak to her soul.  Even with the attention of one of the Ripers, Retra is not safe from the dangers that hide in the eternal night of Ixion.

I picked this book up because it came with high praise - and was almost tempted to put it down again when I saw it was compared to Twilight (and as most people know I am not a big fan of Twilight).  However, I was really impressed with this book, and hope that the next book in the series is not far away as it was thoroughly enjoyable.  Retra is a complex character, and the world she lives in is just as complex, with a supporting cast that is fully realised and fully involved in the plot.  There are times when I stumbled and wondered if I had missed somthing - but that may have just been because I was reading when I was tired.  This is a great read and doesn't have the same old, same old that other "vampire" novels have - not that this really classes as a vampire novel, but more books in the series may make a more "vampire" feel to the series.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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