Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Subject Seven by James A. Moore

When Subject Seven escapes from the facility where he has spent his whole (young) life, it is the beginning of a gripping story that will have you on the edge of your seat.  Subject Seven is part of the Doppleganger project, an attempt to hide sleeper operatives inside the body of teenagers.  The teenagers aren't supposed to know that their Others are there, and the Others are supposed to be perfect soldiers with no memories from the life that their teenage alternates live. 

But every project has its failures, and the failures from Project Doppleganger were supposed to be destroyed - but someone got greedy and the babies were adopted out to unsuspecting families.  Now fifteen years old, they have no idea about the secret that is so deeply hidden that even they don't know about it, a secret that will end when they meet Joe Bronx and get introduced to a dangerous new world that they are not ready to deal with.  To make matters worse, their Others are on the warpath and more than ready to deal with the forces of the corporation that created them, and now wants to see them destroyed.

This is the first book in a new series that is explosive, gripping, and more than a little violent.  The story is delivered in a punchy style that keeps you turning pages as you shift from viewpoint to viewpoint and learn more about the teenagers, their others, and the people behind the experiment.  Although this is not a recommended read for younger teens because there is some calculated violence involved, this was a thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing read and hopefully book two in the series is not too far away.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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