Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Nix is a Nobody, a freak of nature who passes through the world without leaving any impression behind, passing unnoticed amongst the people around him.  When he really needs to go completely unseen, avoiding the chance of anyone sensing his presence, he can move into the Fade and be completely invisible and ignore the laws of nature.  The Society has raised him, trained him, and used his unique abilities to help protect the world from Nulls - dangerous people who are the opposite of Nix, people who can control people around them and make them do what they want, people with no empathy no emotions, and a desire for control.  It is a lonely existence, one with only one purpose - he has been trained to kill, to protect the Normals from the Nulls, to protect the work of the Society.

Claire has always been invisible, even her parents seem to forget she is there, forget that she is part of their lives.  Spending time alone has helped Claire hone her imagination, and gives her plenty of time to loose herself in a world of books and reading.  At fifteen it seems as though the pattern of her life is set and predictable, and she is ready for another summer of being ignored, until she has an odd encounter at the local pool.  Suddenly Claire is not invisible, Nix has been sent to kill her, his orders are to kill her with no contact, to take out a dangerous Null before she can use her powers against him.  What Nix discovers instead is another Nobody, another person who can do the things that he can, a person that shouldn't exist.

Thrown together by fate, Nix and Claire need to uncover the truth about the Society, and the truth about the people Nix was sent to kill.  As they try to work things out, they know the clock is ticking, because the Society knows they have found each other, and they will do anything to stop Nix and Claire figuring out what they are capable of - because once they know their true powers, no one will be able to stop them from doing what needs to be done.

Nobody is a fast paced, action packed novel with a touch of romance that races from an explosive introduction through to a jaw-dropping conclusion.  The concept of the story, once you wrap your head around it, is incredibly simple and yet incredibly complex at the same time.  Nix has a unique ability which makes him valuable to the Society, and they have used harsh training techniques (torture might be the better word) to make him into the perfect tool, someone who can follow orders without question and get the task done.  On the other hand Claire has the same power but doesn't know it, all she knows is that people don't seem to see her, that she passes unnoticed through the world.  Needless to say, when Nix and Claire cross paths and come to understand who and what they are the Society is in trouble - which would be why they tried so hard to stop Nix ever meeting another Nobody.

I really enjoyed Nobody, and while I have been hanging out for a sequel to Every other day, this definitely filled that gap (but hopefully there will be a sequel one day).  The writing is dynamic and drags you along with the action, but also provides enough description to let you easily picture the world built around Nix and Claire, and I love the background mythology which really brings the story to life and makes it make sense.  A thoroughly addictive story, and I hope it is a world we can visit again soon because it feels like there is more to their story, that we have only just scratched the surface of something that could be bigger - but, that said, it was also a satisfying read in itself.

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