Monday, May 28, 2012

Revived by Cat Patrick

Daisy is used to a travelling lifestyle, because every time she dies her family has to move again.  Daisy doesn't have super powers or the ability to fake death, she is part of a drug trial for a drug that can bring people back from the dead when they have died from certain kinds of injuries or accidents - a drug known simply as Revive.  When she dies from a bee sting she leaves her old name behind and moves to Omaha, where she quickly makes friends with Audrey, a girl who seems really at ease at school and popular, yet she also seems to have no friends.  Audrey also has a hot brother who sets Daisy's heart all aflutter. 

Trying to be normal and fitting in at school seems like a good idea for this lifetime, so Daisy accepts the offer of friendship and Audrey quickly becomes her best friend, but it is difficult to keep a huge secret like Revive, especially from your best friend and her brother - and especially when Audrey is hiding a pretty big secret of her own.  As Daisy gets closer to Audrey and Matt, she must also fight the urge to tell them more about herself and the project, as she has made vows to keep the programme a secret, and if she doesn't she won't be the only one to suffer.

Revived is fast paced, action packed, and a very addictive read.  Right from the start the story jumps in and doesn't stop until you reach the amazing conclusion.  Daisy and her world is well thought out and has some interesting cross overs into what you would consider the real world, you can easily imagine that there really is a secret drug trial going on out there (particularly if you are a little paranoid).  The relationship between Daisy, Audrey, and Matt is also well played out, a real human connection in what could easily have become just another science fiction or action book - the people help to keep the story human, and some of the moments made me tear up more than a little. 

Overall this is one of those novels that will appeal to a wide audience, and I was glad to see that a third novel from Cat Patrick is due for release in 2013 as she is strong author with an amazing "voice" and I have enjoyed both her books immensely (no pressure or anything Cat Patrick, just hoping that your third book will be as good as your first two).  The story is complete in itself which is also kind of nice, as there are some other stories out there at the moment that are the beginnings of a series, so sometimes it is nice to be able to read just a book and know that you have been on a journey with the character - rather than having to wait ages for the rest of the story to be written and published.

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Reviewed by Brilla

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